Using LISP for a class project.sbcl is awful on OSX, for those wondering. Using arrow keys is impossible.

Using LISP for a class project.
sbcl is awful on OSX, for those wondering. Using arrow keys is impossible.

Folks, I apologize about the lack of content lately.

Finals week for my senior year at my university is fast-approaching, but I do have some interesting projects that I’m working on (for both school and personal) that I’ll have more time to start writing about and sharing come this weekend.

Also, I seriously would enjoy any help from you guys! You can always submit something you’d like to be displayed (whether it be a news article or something you’re working on/interested in) or even PM me and I can add you to the blog so you can post at your own whim!

I hope everyone is enjoying their December and those of you in school are doing well in all of your classes!

I’m learning SQL in my database class today!
After creating the field “District,” I immediately thought of The Hunger Games… Hense the HG references :P

I’m learning SQL in my database class today!

After creating the field “District,” I immediately thought of The Hunger Games… Hense the HG references :P

Nothing makes a Sunday complete like building a logic parser in C#

Nothing makes a Sunday complete like building a logic parser in C#

I can now never listen to this song again!

Just kidding, this is still kinda sloppy and there are some things I wanna fix up, but for right now, this’ll do as my final project!


An entire music video done in Blender and edited in iMovie minutes before it’s due?

Oh, and a 20-page booklet to go along with it?

Yeah… That’s how I roll. Not to mention the accidental all-nighter I pulled last night and then slept through all of my classes after a “nap” decided to prolong itself.

Video link coming soon!

I swear this project better be done by midnight

After hours of work, I finally went to bed around 7:45-8 AM. Then, I woke up at 3, put on the same clothes (not like anybody saw me yesterday), and got right back to work.

So far, it’s rendering in sections, but the hardest part is the write-up of everything, which is practically a small book. Seeing as it’s a software engineering course, it requires models and other things that I didn’t even have for this project (seeing as it’s a video) so I’m in the process of BSing those and writing some information about a small program I wrote to help me place beats and frames.

Long story short, I watched the sun set and rise last night and I’m about to watch it set again pretty shortly here.

Also, I have Calc II homework on top of an article to peer review by tomorrow. However, once tomorrow is over, I’m (in comparison) stress-free until the end of the semester on the 11th.


You mean I get to do this my whole life?!
I get to solve mathematical equations and sweat for hours over forgetting to put a ‘-’ in front of the ‘1’?

I’ve never been more happy in my life!

For those of you that are unaware, that is not sarcasm, that is Computer Science.
Computer Science is the thing that’s worth screaming and practically crying over - for me at least. Everyone has that one thing that’s meticulous, but worth every ounce of anguish.

For my Artificial Intelligence course, I have to develop a Bayesian Probability System that inputs 100,000 patient files (this .txt file is >20MB) and determines the most likely disease based on the symptoms. First, I have to gather the information from ANOTHER 100,000 patient file that has the names of the patient’s disease along with their symptoms.
With this, I’ve designed a system that will determine the most likely combination for a disease. This is most likely not useful because with all of the symptoms, there is a total of 118,098 combinations - and only 100,000 patient files.
So, me being a smart cookie, I’ve also recorded how many times each symptom appears per disease (EX: How many times does ‘High Temp’ appear in disease x?).

It’s still computing the records from the training phase. It’s almost half-way done. I’ve never made a program that took so long to compute data, but it is processing a crazy amount of information. I bet I could work to make the code more efficient because right now it’s got about 9 nested for loops, but I don’t want to risk ruining the correctness of my program.

Here’s to hoping my data’s useful!

Connect-Four Source Code

As promised, here is the source code for my connect-four game using simple C++.
The algorithms were a little tough to plan out at first without physically mapping every possible winning combination, but I managed by writing just four for loops.

Obviously, the above section is just a tiny part of the code. Check out the full code on pastebin. It’s only 171 lines of code, which I was expecting to be much more. I haven’t implemented AI yet, but I’ll be able to soon enough. I’m going to backup this project and start a new one to start working things out. If anybody has any questions or bug reports (shouldn’t really be many, but I know that’s not too realistic) please write to me.

Note: This was written in Mac OSX, so it uses “system(“clear”)” to clear the screen. If you are running Windows or Linux, go to the “clearScreen” method in the source code and change that to whatever your native environment uses to clear the screen!

I’m making a Connect-Four game in C++

For my intro to AI course, we’re developing AI to play against a human in connect four. I decided that it’d be a good idea to actually get the game developed before we even learn to program the AI for it.

I’ve written the game, which is completely playable and detects horizontal wins. :P
I’m still in the process of writing and vertical detection will be written immediately after my laundry is done. The most challenging part will be detecting horizontal wins, but I’m guessing it won’t be too bad once I think about it for a few minutes.

I’ll have the code up by the end of the night if anybody wants to take a look at it. I’ll probably even start developing some AI for it.

Here’s a screenshot!


I don’t want to go to bed. I’m taking a class on Blender and I’m afraid that, even if I tried, I’d be too excited to sleep because I just want to keep playing around with it!